Big Kids

Read along with our Rio Grande Valley Moms Blog Contributors as they navigate the world of big kids.

Something happened recently that really upset me. As I was conversing with my two boys, ages 6 and 9, about Halloween costumes, my 9 year-old informed me he no longer wanted to be a character for Halloween. He said Halloween...
Think being a teenager is hard? Try being a pre-teen. You still like kids’ toys, playing outside with your friends, building on MineCraft, and watching the Disney Channel. But you also like “cool” stuff like celebrities, pop music, YouTube,...
February is Black History Month, and if you're like me, you automatically think of Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Civil Rights Movements and the progress for change that has followed. The library is a great place to find...
This is the grueling part of parenting- when our child gets their hopes up about a team, only to find face the disappointment of not being picked for it.

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